About Us (rearranged for exchange students)

We are a group that support the exchange students of Chuo University to spend wonderful time in Japan, helping them start their new life, and planning events for interaction purpose.
Our activity is based on our weekly meeting on lunch time and dinner with the international students at school cafeteria.
Other activities are listed below.

We go pick you up at the airpot and take you to your new home.
We help you fill the forms at the orientation.
Also we go along with your foreigner registeration, insurance sign-up, physical check-up, cell phone purchase,etc. and we are happy to help you with anything!

We plan and enjoy events with you.
We've done potluck, Asakusa tour, Kamakura tour, tea lesson, yukata lesson&firework festival,booth at Hakumon festival, kabuki watching, winter trip.
We always welcome new plans.
If you have any idea, please let us know!

2.MPT(Majime Project Team)
We visit middle schools in our neighborhood, and teach international understanding.

3.Others(daily interaction)
Drink party, bowling, karaoke, trip, etc.
We'd like to be friends and hang out with you!
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